Sunday, March 31, 2019

Count it All Joy - We're Growing

March 31, 2019bl
Sunday, 8:02 PM

Today was an exciting day at HSK 9 AM service. We doubled the number of kids in our Pre-K room! That was first time for me leading the room for the said service. We normally just have 8 to 9 kids, but this morning was different. We had 18 total!

I had a reservation on having a lot of kids in one room. I usually thought of how noisy and chaotic it will be. But by the grace of God, everything went so smooth and well today. We were able to follow through the story they learned today at Bible story time. I heard two of our kids shared to their parents what they learned in the story today, and that was a WIN! I was able to lead the room well with the help of my junior leaders (who happen to be my daughters) and a new volunteer shadowing me today.  Her presence was perfect timing! I definitely needed another adult with me in that room. She did such a great job. I love how she engaged herself with the kids which is a must for a HSK leader. She is very excited and looked forward to the next time she volunteers.

I believe that as the number of our kids grow in the ministry, God will also grow the number of volunteers. I love interacting with kids. I especially love it when I get to have a one on one with a kid, just giving all my undivided attention. I wish I could do it often, but with our growing number, this will be a little challenge for me. However, even if I cannot give them my whole hour for just one kid, I can divide my time and get to know each one more. Can't believe I memorize all their names 😁

God is good and He always provides what I need.

On the other hand, I am so proud of E and F for stepping up today in the room. Both of them kept the kids busy with games while waiting for parent pickups. We are raising leaders!

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