Friday, April 3, 2020

Bread and Wine : Healed From Severe Allergic Reaction

How can I forget this day?

While observing social distancing with our church families through video chat early in the evening, our daughter, Evie came out from our room and told her Dad that her eyes and throat were itchy. Didn't think of it as something very serious, he gave her go-to allergy medicine. Fifteen minutes later, she came out again and told us that the reaction was getting worse. We let her took a shower. Her eyes were swollen and had patches of rashes on her tummy.

We suspected it was an allergic reaction from the cat. She was complaining how painful her tummy was while in the shower. The warm water was helping a bit. Her throat was still itchy. It was weird to me for her throat to get itchy if the cause of her allergic reaction were just the cats.

Right after she took a shower, she laid on the bed in agony. I told her that we will partake the Holy Communion, so I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the elements. After we partook, she had to go to the bathroom, sat on the toilet. I prayed over her. Everytime I stopped, she asked me to keep praying. Later she said she had to throw up. She threw up most of the food that she ate. Right after throwing up, she said that she felt so much better, especially her stomach of which she dreaded the most.

She lay down on the bed, her tummy still has some pain. All I could do was just pray. Her Dad came in and asked how she's doing and she replied, "I am healed!" He checked her oxygen, and thanks be to God, it's where we need it to be. That gave us a big relief.

I did not stopped praying. My praying gave Evie a sense of peace and relief. She prayed for herself too. It was beautiful to listen when your child raised her hand and exclaimed, "Praise Jesus! Bless the Lord, O my soul!" I rebuked the cause of her allergic reaction to come out of her body. She was sneezing so much and blowing her nose a lot. I believed that was one way God let that thing out of her system aside from throwing up.

Minutes later, her body was covered in welts. Yet she said she felt so much better. Her stomach was not painful anymore. Her breathing and oxygen were perfect. Her throat was not itchy. It's just the welts coming out. And soon, they were fading away.

Holding her with her head on my arm, we just talked. She told me how happy she was that she got healed. Jesus, our Father God, touched her and made her feel better. She said she was glad she didn't have to go to urgent care, especially at this time when people are staying home because of COVID-19. She was very grateful to what God had done to her body that was screaming for healing. We talked about God and His great love for us. She said, "If I have money right now" I told her how God doesn't really need our money. She added, "I just want to offer it to Him."I said that all God needs is for us to know deep inside our hearts who He is as our Father who protects, heals, provides, and that we have this full assurance inside us that He will do what He promised to us.

As we continued to talk about God's goodness, she asked me to wake her up early on Sunday so she can watch both online church that we had been watching every Sunday.

God is good and His love endures forever.

I am thankful of what happened because it displayed the works of God to my daughter. It taught her who He is. The experience she went through, the healing miracle that He showed to her is something that will be embedded in her soul as she matures into a fine young, Godly woman. It's an experience that she will carry with her wherever she goes. When something similar happens to her or anyone she knows, she already know who to turn to, what to do.

And yes, it's the power of the Holy Communion that healed her. It's our remembering what Jesus went through on His way to the cross. By His stripe, Evie was healed. We run to the table that God prepared for us especially in dark times. "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies." Tonight the ingredient on what Evie ate that gave her severe reaction was the enemy. But thanks be to God for the table with the meal that He prepared for her. She received healing.