Friday, March 22, 2019

Count it All Joy - New Beginning

March 22, 2019
Friday, 10:26 PM

Day 1 for this "new thing." Honestly, I am a little hesitant and doubtful if I will be able to live up to doing this consistently. The uncertainty is from past experiences. But you know what? I will not let my past stop me from moving forward. I may succeed or I may fail. What's important is, I keep trying until I get there. I keep standing up even if I fell down too many times.

So let's start.

My husband is on the couch looking at his Kindle. I am not sure if he's just browsing social media or actually reading a book. But I love the fact that he is close to me. That's all I need right now. 

Highlights of the Day

  1. I yelled at my daughter this morning. I got mad. I hate yelling to any of the precious people in the house. It's so draining—physically, emotionally, spiritually. It's been a while since the last time I acted irrationally. I was not happy, she was not happy. I hurt her feelings. I tore her innocent heart. I apologized, we reconciled, and there were tears.

    As I spent the time to analyze what happened, I realized that before issues between us escalated, I already had unresolved issues juggling in my mind. I was in a state of urgency to finish several tasks before they leave for school. When her attitude and my stressed brain collided, it blew up. It was a disaster. However, the grace of God was bigger than my failure. His love healed our broken hearts.
  2. My husband was so excited to share the news to me this morning that the online sign-up/RSVP for the Junior Leaders Kickoff Party is finally up and running! He spent days and nights for this event. I am very proud of him. I am so happy that he found the passion to lead the elementary kids in our church to become junior leaders and serve the kids' ministry. This is the first time I've seen him so passionate about something. He read a lot of books, watches and listens to leadership talks online. He is digging deep into this cause. Revival is going on!
  3. Felicia was very happy to tell me this morning (while both of us were laying on the big bed) that her not-so-wiggly tooth is getting more wiggly! What great news! We encouraged her to wiggle her tooth more because her adult tooth already popped out. And yes, it's behind the wiggly tooth.
  4. Felicia really wanted to have a huge metal brachiosaur figure as a gift on her birthday. While on our way to karate class, we passed by a place that makes enormous metal figures of animals. She saw dinosaurs including her favorite brachiosaur and told me, "Mama, what if you will give me the brachiosaur on my birthday? I really want to ride on it." She said it with so much enthusiasm and innocence. I love her imaginative mind.
  5. My two girls had a great time playing together with dinosaurs in the living room while I was doing my business stuff. Such a joy to hear and see my girls enjoying each other's company. I am more appreciative of Evie for playing with her sister, knowing that it's Felicia who is really into dinosaurs.
  6. I celebrate myself for successfully starting this journey. God is awesome! God is good! I think I need wine. Cheers to me! 🍷 😊
"My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience." - James 1:2-5

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