Saturday, July 7, 2018

Following New Blue Prints Devotional: Day 3 - I Choose to Trust God

Theme: I choose to trust God amidst opposition.

Study Book: Nehemiah 2:11-20

Personal Reflection

Nehemiah went to inspect the places affected by the destruction by himself. Seeing Jerusalem in total ruin encouraged him more, to move forward with what he intended to do—rebuild his beloved hometown. Nothing was going to stop him. When he came face to face with his brethren, he gave a speech that motivated their spirit to do the work. Nehemiah ensured his people of God's goodness and how God approved of their desire to rebuild Jerusalem. He also told them about how the king supports them all the way.

However, bullies came and downgraded their plan. They were right on their faces, throwing all the negative words they can say. Yet, Nehemiah was not threatened. He knew whom he stood for. He had so much confidence in his God, his detractors' words mean nothing.

Camp Application

When I told family and friends about my plan to volunteer for RFKC this summer, I do not know if there were people who thought in secret that it's a ridiculous idea. For someone who doesn't know these kids in distress, and what could happen during camp, some people may think  it's a "suicide." But like Nehemiah, I do not care what they think. What I care is the whisper of God in my heart. When He put that passion in my heart for it, I took steps to walk in the journey that He wanted my feet to tread. What I care is this exciting moment of my life that God opened for me. What I care is the love and the hope I can give to the kids God handpicked for me to have an impact on. God already prepared the way for me and these kids. Everything is ready for all of us. The oppositions' words and thinking have been silenced. Like Nehemiah and his people, we win. Our God made it so.

"Following New Blue Prints Devotional is created for RFK Camp volunteers in preparation for RFKC 2018. Images used in this blog is a personal choice."

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