Thursday, July 5, 2018

Following New Blue Prints Devotional: Day 1 - I Choose a Firm Foundation

Theme: I choose a firm foundation.
Nehemiah 1: 1-11

Personal Reflection:

Nehemiah is one person who deeply cares for his own people, the Jews. Even if he lived in Babylon for several years after the Jewish people's captivity, Nehemiah never forgets where he came from and the people to whom he truly belonged. This attitude is displayed when fellow Jews from Judah arrived in Susa. He is so eager to hear from them the condition of the people and Jerusalem as a whole. The report shook his entire being, he struggled with emotional distress for several days.

Yet, Nehemiah didn't just limit his concern for his brethren through weeping and feeling dejected. He did something significant which made his cause succeed from day one to end. Every day that he was fasting, he chose to talk to God the concerns of his heart, not to people. He knew who deeply understands what he's going through, and he knew who will help him all the way. Nehemiah chose to start his journey on a firm foundation who is no other, but God.

Nehemiah's choices of actions in his time of anguish is a personal reminder for me. Sometimes, I tend to find a way to solve a problem without approaching and telling God about it. I forget that if there's anyone who has a deep interest of the matters of my heart, it is my Father God. If there's anyone who is eager to provide what I need, it is God, my Provider.

Oftentimes when I have a problem, I instantly plunge into my fleshly impulse. I want to solve the issues immediately which frustrates (and) or disappoints me all the time. Nehemiah was different. He took time. Many days. However, he didn't walk the journey by himself alone. He took God alongside with him. He chose the chief companion of all.

May my heart always remember who to go first when troubles arise; for no matter how high, how turbulent, how big the waves of obstacles threaten my security and success, the God who loves me is sure to tackle them all for me.

"Following New Blue Prints Devotional is created for RFK Camp volunteers in preparation for RFKC 2018. Images used in this blog is a personal choice."

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