Monday, January 23, 2017

Day 2 of Creation: Separation of Water From Water

Photo Credit: NASA/ESA

It is so amazing how God sparks one's excitement that sprung from a curious heart.

It's one of those times when my Father God gave me a (tiny) glimpse of His awesomeness as Creator of  heaven and earth. While I continued to read the Book of Isaiah, something deep inside prod me to read the very beginning of the Bible: Genesis. I knew it's the Holy Spirit. Thankfully I listened and  followed His lead this time (because sometimes I don't).

My curiosity ignited while watching an episode of Praise from TBN, with their guest Pastor Samuel Rodriguez.  He authored a book titled, "Be Light: Shining..." and shared of how God inspired him to focus and write about the "light" than talk about "darkness." He mentioned the very beginning of Genesis when God spoke, "Light!"

My revelation does not have to do anything with what the guest talked about. It is something else. It was a personal, one-on-one intimate moment with my Creator.

I started reading Genesis 1. While reading verses 6-7, I had to stop and fully digest the description. I wanted to understand what it means. As I re-read the verses few times, I had to draw a picture in my brain the words being described. I was confused. I had to refer to other Bible versions to fully comprehend.

Genesis 1:6-7 says, "Let there be a firmament (vault of heaven; sky) in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.” Thus God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; " (NJKV).

 "Firmament in the midst of the waters." There's a vault of heaven in between the waters. Waters above and below. I have read Genesis several times, but it was only this instance where I had to stop to form a picture in my mind of what is described in this very specific verses. How I photographed this part of the Scripture before was, the water which is part of the earth was separated from heaven. I never pictured out a vast amount of water above the sky (too), which apparently I missed several times in my readings.

Yes, I've heard science's discovery of water on planets, but such information doesn't sound like it surprises the human race at all. So I asked God (He likes it so much when we ask questions). "Is there really water above the sky?" With that question, I meant, a colossal amount of water. Not just the ones I heard about water's existence on other planets.

God told me, "Search the internet!" Thankfully, Google is so handy. My search led me to this marvelous find (please read the articles yourself):
My mind is blown away with this new revelation. Oh those teeny-tiny details in the Scripture which we fail to notice because we think they're not as important. But I learned that it is in the very tiny details that God hides the mighty things. Unless our hunger for truth digs deeper into these small details, the wondrous ways of God remain hidden from us. What many treasures we lost.

The awesomeness of my God! I couldn't contain the swelling in my heart of what I just found out, I badly needed to share it with someone. Gladly, my husband was around :) Sharing to him helped a little to settle my burning emotion, but it was not enough. I had to let it out. I asked my Father, "Can I just cry?" several times, and went straight to the bathroom and burst. Moments like these are what I treasure the most. Times when I'm given this beautiful free gift to intimately commune with my Abba. It's my moment of "Heaven meets earth." How I desire for everyone to experience the same. How I long for you to taste the sweet, sweet love of the Father; to be in the "thin place" with God, not only once, but a thousand times.

I believe that  the discovery mentioned in the article is just a minute part of the undiscovered, the unfathomable things that God purposely hide. He only let us see what our carnal minds can handle. No human intelligence nor sophisticated technology can entirely seize the fullness of His creation. The good news is, one day in our glorified bodies, we will.

I am so grateful for science. It gives us mini peeks of who God is as the Creator. Every discovery science brings adds to the proof of God's existence for the unbelievers, and blessed hope for those who believed.

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