Friday, April 29, 2016

Who Are You God?

My mouth is closed
Unable to speak
For there are no perfect words
To make it open
And describe Your greatness

Awesome! Great! Mighty! Powerful! Amazing! Wonderful!
No...there are not enough adjectives and superlatives
To unlock Your mystery
Your true nature is beyond words
Your real being is beyond
What human mind could ever think of

Whose carnal mind could fully comprehend Your nature?
Not even the angels surrounding Your majestic throne
For You alone are You
Above everyone and everything else
Whether in heaven or on earth

Your essence is too deep
Immeasurable, infinite
An enigma that will forever remain
Unchanged, hidden

You and love is one
Love is in you
And You, are in love
Vivid, yet, mysterious
Who really are You God?
☕       ☕       ☕       ☕       ☕       ☕       ☕       ☕

Heart's Musings

I wrote this blog more than a decade ago (planning to move the old blogs I wrote on this website). I wrote this blog at the time my heart started to long to know who God is. As I re-read this blog, some words caught my attention. I just smiled of how limited was my understanding of God then. Years had passed, as I continued to get to know Him more, I've known so many of His nature I was not aware of before.

My God is not an "enigma," "mysterious," nor He keeps Himself hidden. He reveals Himself to those who seek Him. He unfolds His essence in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ. God is my Father, who lavishes me with many, many good things in His perfect love. My heart's desire is to know Him more and more.

Blooming in Grace,

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