Saturday, April 23, 2016

Life, to Whom Do You Belong to?

Life goes after its truest meaning the older it gets. While young, life pursues its worth on things the eyes behold. Things that satisfy fleshly cravings. People. Materials. Worldly matters, temporarily gratifying what it's truly seeking for. Mundane things suffice. For some time.

Life, you are meaningless without knowing who you really are. Who you belong to. You find everything pointless. As you ripen, the soul inside you groans. A piercing groan you cannot ignore, lest you become an aimless wanderer. You search for something deeper. Something of a profound essence, no material nor human being can compare its value. You ask, "Where, oh where can I find such thing?" You look for the thing the eyes cannot see, ears cannot hear. For you, Life, is eyeing on the same worthless things you hold dear.

No matter how you contend there is non-existent God who created you, deep, deep down, there is a void inside you waiting to be filled. An empty space. Do you feel it? Yes, you do. Every human being goes through it. The One who created you, intentionally formed and embedded that special hole in your innermost soul. You ask why? Because of His love for you. Because He knew. He knew one day you will go astray, away from His care. Away from His love. Oblivious to His goodness.

Yet a day will come, when that empty space inside you screams to burst. And when the appointed day takes place, the hunger inside you burns like fire. A searing longing. Uncontainable. You cry out to quench its demands. You cry out to fill that space...desperately. It was made for that purpose, so you Life, will look for Him.

Hush you life. Hush you mind, burden with questions. Hush you flesh glutted with arrogance. Incline your ears to your heart. Listen to its whispers, for it knows what your soul exactly longs for. It is the one deeply hooked to another beating heart. The heart of the Father beating for you even before you were formed in your mama's womb. This revelation inside may feel too much for the heart to bear. Feels like exploding. Take a deep breath, feel the tightness loosen. Cry. Let it out. Don't hold back the tears to refresh the soul; the barren, thirsty soul, waiting for so long to bathe in His washing. Refresh in the washing of the One who gave up His life for you. Succumb to the heart of the Cross and taste freedom; witness true life; delight in His rest!

You are the Father's, and the Father is yours. You belong together. He did everything out of His perfect love to take you back home. Wrapped in the fullness of His grace. Resting in the glory of the Cross. Come home, Life. Home to the One who first loved you -- Jesus.

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb." -- Psalm  139:13

Blooming in Grace,

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