Thursday, February 17, 2022

Truth Takeaways of 1 John 1

Last night's family devotion was such a big improvement. E and F were more participative. In fact, they were the ones who shared their thoughts more and my husband and I.

Before we started our devotion, I wrote down some truths that were mentioned in 1 John 1, the chapter that we discussed on our first night. I thought, I can read it to everyone for a refresher of what we learned the night before. Instead of me just reading it, it became a conversation. Our girls shared what they thought of those truths. Both of them were kind of competing who goes first in sharing. My heart was full. We spent more that fifteen minutes talking and reading the chapter and Psalm for the day,

Right after our session, E told me that she felt like she's close to God again. It was like when she went to a three day church youth camp where she experienced and filled the presence and love of God. My heart is elated. She had been depressed lately, told her Dad one night with tears running down that she felt empty. I am so grateful that I listened and obeyed the Holy Spirit when He prompted me to this family Bible devotion. I already see the impact of it on her countenance.

Listed are the truths we gathered from the chapter (NLT):
  • Jesus is the Word of life
  • Jesus is life itself
  • Jesus is eternal life
  • God is Light, there is no darkness in Him
  • We don't practice the truth if we continue living in spiritual darkness
  • The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin
  • Jesus is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanses us from it when we confess our sins to Him
  • We call God a liar if we clain we have not sinned

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