Thursday, February 20, 2020

#ThankfulThursday - Bearing Fruit with Abundance

I finally harvested the fruits from our lemon tree. I am in awe how this small and young tree could bear huge fruits and many of them! This is the year we got this much and this big. I am very thankful for the abundance it gave us this year. Even if I don't take good care of it as much as I need to, this lemon tree is just doing what it's meant to be—to bear fruit.

Aren't we created for the same purpose? Because we are in Christ Jesus, therefore, we bear fruits. We bear the fruit of the Spirit freely given to us. But the question is, are you using them? Am I using them? I can honestly say, not often. Barely as I say.

May we live to be like the lemon tree accomplishing its purpose, bearing fruit with abundance.

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