Friday, April 5, 2019

Count it All Joy - Open Doors

April 5, 2019
Friday, 10:01 PM

The girls are asleep on our bed. Ryan is at the monthly HSK Team Leader's Sloppy Friday. Here I am about to write the highlights of my day.

  1. Ryan and I spent our breakfast with our HSK service leader K at First Watch. It's our monthly get-together, just the three of us. Every first of the month (depending on schedule changes), we find a place to share breakfast and mostly talk about where we are at HSK as servant leaders. Today, K talked to me about a new role that she wanted me to fill in. A role that allows me to step up from where I am right now as a leader of our Pre-K room. She sees potential in me that she believes other leaders will benefit and at the same time allows my God-given gifts to thrive and flourish. She asked if I would be fine with it.

    I told her before that I normally just want to support, not lead. When I took charge of the Pre-K room, it was new to me. I am leading, not supporting. My husband was with me the whole time I served the kids' ministry. I always let him lead. I was in the background to support. But it's a kind of support where I tell him 'do this, do that" (ha ha).

    Last Sunday, how I lead my room was tested. We doubled our number, and I had a new volunteer shadowing me. The new volunteer was there to learn from me and if I could not lead the room well, what is it that she can learn? Nothing. She'd probably get scared or discouraged. But God's.  grace was with me (and always is). I just have to ask for it and receive it in faith. All throughout, the Holy Spirit was there to guide me, teach me, and help me. I couldn't do it on my own effort. I need divine intervention.

    Because of how I lead that room, the feedback I got from the new volunteer opened a door for me and the ministry. K saw it and she wanted to utilize that potential.

    Am I ready? Honestly, there was no hesitation in my heart when she told me about it. I feel that confidence that I can do it. Not with my own effort, but because I know that God will equip me whatever I need for the glory of His name. I am excited! I am pump! This is a new season that my Abba, Father unfolds right before my eyes and the people He brought to my life at this time of sowing and reaping. All I can say is, His will be done. So help me, LORD.
  2. Well, well, well. Felicia surprised us all today. Her tooth FINALLY fell out!!!! It's funny how a simple thing like this makes the family SO excited that you feel like you're in cloud 9!

    She told us that while biting into her pizza at lunchtime, she felt something weird. Yup! Because her tooth fell off! High fives and hallelujah to that!!!

    "My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience." - James 1:2-5

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