Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Blessed is She Who Believed

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"Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of the things which have been spoken to her from the Lord!-" Luke 1:45

Our heavenly Father loves us so much. All He wants for us is to enjoy all the good things in life. The Scripture says that, "All good and perfect gifts come from above..." However, there is one thing that hinders us from receiving these gifts: unbelief.

Unless we believe in our hearts that we have a good, generous Father God who wants nothing but lavish us with good and perfect gifts, we will never have them and enjoy these gifts promised to us.

When the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her about the Father God's plans for her, Mary was awestruck. She was so overwhelmed with wonder, for among all women, she was chosen  to carry the Son of God. Who wouldn't be? She may be shocked of the news, but she never expressed unbelief. In her state of awe, she gladly opened up her whole heart to receive what God offered her. She did not only receive it, but most importantly, she believed. She believed that she was the chosen one. Along the way after the Angel Gabriel announced to her the news, she was probably asking the question, "Why me?" Yet, that question was accompanied with excitement and full expectations instead of "what ifs?" What if God change His mind? What if God realized He made a mistake of choosing me? But no, no, no. Mary knew who God is. Mary knew that God is a faithful God. She knew God never makes mistakes. She knew God is all-knowing, full of wisdom and grace. She knew that God's love and promise is unchanging. All along, Mary knew and so sure in her heart who God is. She held on to the end what she believed.

Mary's attitude toward God's plans for her is a great example for us, women. Each and everyone of us is His daughter whom He wants to spoil with good and perfect gifts. But oftentimes, we doubt our capabilities and capacity to do things, specially the ones we are passionate about. The core of this problem is our unbelief. We look too much on ourselves, instead of God's generous love and desire to equip us everything that we need to fulfill His purpose for our life. We are so busy tending to our insecurities, the things we don't have, the things we cannot do that our mind insinuates. 

It is time to start believing. It is time to shift our focus from our self to the mighty things that God can do for our future. Let us be like Mary who never doubted the Father's amazing plans for her. Let us have that moment of wonder as we look forward to the good and perfect things that the Father has in store for us. He is just waiting for us to open our hearts and receive His blessings. It is time to believe and be blessed.

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