Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sowing the Healthy Seeds in My Daughter's Hearts

I'm sitting here on bed alone, as I typed these words. Smiling with a glad heart as I listen to my two girls out in the living room, singing their hearts out along with Hillsong Young & Free's, "Alive." Yesterday, we bought them headphones. My older one Evie, found her Daddy's old MP3 player laying around, got curious about it. To make the story short, Daddy passed it on to her.

On our way to Walmart to get groceries and a headphone for Evie, our conversation in the car was centered on the MP3 player that she will use. She's thrilled and excite. Then I thought of my Felicia. What about her? For sure, she would want something like what Evie has (as most siblings do). Immediately, I remembered a very tiny MP3 player my husband (then my boyfriend) gave me nine years ago. So, I mentioned it to him. Lo and behold, that player apparently is still available, kept in our car's dashboard. Thankfully, after being stored in the car for all those years, it survived the summer heat of Arizona. It still works! Can you imagine how happy the little girl was when she found out that she will have her own too?

Since yesterday, both of the girls were all over their MP3s, listening mostly to Hillsong's. I told my husband to only store Christian songs in their players. If there's secular songs,  make sure the lyrics are appropriate for them. The Holy Spirit reminded me that the kind of seeds we choose to hear, are the kind of seeds that will grow and flourish in our hearts. Same true to our little ones, most specially. As parents, we are responsible for guarding the things that get into our children's hearts. We cannot always filter what they hear, but in times we have the opportunity to exercise our parental duties, we must do so, with the grace of God.

My husband and I are not perfect parents. We fail many times in our responsibility as "watchmen" of the things that our daughters hear and see. We are working on it. I am working on it, with God's grace.

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