Thursday, April 13, 2017

In the Name of Jesus

I grew up in a very religious environment, but no one ever taught me how important it is to come before God (prayer) in the name of Jesus — what is the value of His name.

I read the Bible few times when I was in my younger years and had so many questions. When I became an adult, I started asking questions again about the things written in the Bible. By the grace of God, He gently led me in little steps to where my faith is now. I personally believe that He likes it so much when we ask questions concerning His Word. I think it is because when we ask questions, it means we are interested in knowing Him. He so delights in it. What parent is not ecstatic when his/her child wants to know about him/her? That may not be our intentions at first, but He is faithful in leading us to get to know who He really is not only as Creator God, but mainly, who He is as our loving Abba, Father.

I am sharing this article, "In Jesus' Name" with a burning desire in my heart for those who grew up like me blinded by so many beautiful truths about God, and for those who don't know how important it is to approach the heart of the Father through His son Jesus Christ. His name is very powerful, and may we all take advantage of it all the time. I love you all! <3

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