Thursday, March 31, 2016

Facebook Scripture Challenge: Day 1 of 7

A dear friend on Facebook nominated me yesterday for a Scripture Challenge. The challenge is to post a Scripture on your Facebook status each day for 7 days. Everyday you post a different Scripture from the one previously shared. You tag two people from your friends' list to pass the challenge on. If you haven't heard or tried this challenge, well, allow me awaken your spirit and take the dare. Spread the Word! Spread the love! :)

Today is my first day. The Scripture I choose is Isaiah 40:8.

Heart's Musings

This verse is a great reminder of how everything in this world is temporal. Nothing and no one is exempted, but the Word of God. How great it is to hang onto the thing that does not cease to exist. It's what gives us assurance of eternal things awaiting for us after everything fades away.

Blooming in Grace,

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